Hello, my name is Lee & I love to design

I currently work at a web agency in the iconic city of Liverpool.
This space contains a selection of my professional and personal design work.


This was pitch concept for the Merseyrail site. The Merseyrail website at that time was very tired looking and needed modernising. The design approach I took was to use a strong yellow theme, which was at the core of Merseyrail's existing advertising campaigns at the time. Although my concept wasn't chosen, I am pleased to see the design that was chosen very much encompasses a similar design approach to that which I put forward.


I was the lead designer at Yoma responsible for creating the concepts for the new ecommerce website for Tessuti. With brands such as Hugo Boss, Armani, Paul Smith and Lyle & Scott, this project gave me the chance to work with some great photography. I exploited this by creating a main feature area on the homepage which blurs and blends into the website background, but which has a central area where the photography can shine through.

Think EV

Although this is only a design concept, I very much enjoyed creating this design in just a few hours to a very tight deadline. Think EV is a Norwegian company which I used a combination of supplied, sourced and generated imagery to create an on-brand and fresh looking concept. The combination of blue, black and white works well visually and allows the yellow car image to punch through.

Best Companies

This was a design concept created at Yoma which aimed to breathing new life into the boring and corporate looking Best Companies website. Although the project did not advance beyond design stage, I very much enjoyed working with the artwork supplied and combining it with my own. The aim was to create something which maintained the professionalism of Best Companies, but which improved the user experience.

Logo Designs

This is a selection of logo designs which I have created for a variety projects. My main aim when designing a logo or icon is to create something which is simple, clean and has the potential to be reproduced and used easily in any media.